About the KCO


Encouraging Cultural Exchange, For Mutual Respect


To introduce Korea to Australia through colourful Korean culture, and to strengthen mutual respect and emotional bond between Australia and Korea through cultural exchange.

Director’s Comments:

I would like to extend my sincere welcome to you all to the Korean Cultural Office in Sydney!

Established in Australia in April 2011, marking the 50th diplomatic relations between Australia and Korea, the Korean Cultural Office (KCO) has been introducing traditional and contemporary Korean culture in Australia through a variety of Korean cultural activities. In doing so, the KCO aims to lay groundwork to bring the two nations together and understand each other better. 

There is a Korean saying, meaning “Seeing is believing”. The KCO has been established in order for Australians to be able to taste and experience diverse aspects of Korean culture in Australia. I hope everyone will learn more about Korea and experience the charms of Korean culture in the KCO that is situated in the heart of Sydney, in venues where the KCO brings cultural events to you, and on the KCO’s online spaces where lots of information is provided.

The KCO welcomes everyone from all around the world, and I hope to build up friendships with you all by sharing Korean cultural experiences.

Thank you. ‘Gamsahamnida’.

Director, Korean Cultural Office

Sinyoung An