Traditional Taste of Korea

Korean Cooking Class

Many Australians may have attended a Korea BBQ with a friend or for a work meeting and enjoyed what they tasted of Korean food. But do you know what dishes they were? How to cook them? Look no further, our Korean Cooking classes held in the KCO’s state of the art kitchen will solve this problem. Learn how to make your favourite dishes like Bibimbap or Bulgogi or discover the mysteries of making 10 different types of Kimchi! Class run by Heather Jeong

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Korean Cuisine Banquet Experience

We are excited to announce a new Korean Banquet Style Cooking Experience program at the KCO! Discover a variety of traditional dishes utilising Australia's fresh produce and high quality ingredients, so you can make Korean cuisine in your very own home! Class run by Jay Lee

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Traditional Korean Paper Hanji Craft Class

There are many ways that you can experience the spirit of Korean culture, and here is the most interesting first approach that we warmly recommend, the Hanji Gongye (Traditional Korean Paper Craft Making). The class is open to everyone who is craving to learn about Korean culture in a fun way. Have an original and refreshing experience today! Seeing your own object slowly takes life and to finally take it home is an enjoyable experience not to be missed.

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