Passage to Buddha (1993)

Thursday, May 19, 2011 - 18:30


Korean Film Screening 6
Title: Passage to Buddha / 화엄경 (1993)
Date: Thursday May 19th 2011
Location: Korean Cultural Office, Multipurpose Hall

Director: Jang Sung-woo ('Lies')
Genre: Drama, Spirituality, Family
Runtime: 136 mins
Cast: Oh Tae-kyung ('Old Boy'), Shin Hyeon-jun ('Bichunmoo'), Kim Hye-son ('Perfect Partner')

Based on former monk and political activist Go Eun's novel, Passage to Buddha is one of the best Buddhist-themed films Korea has produced. Seon Jae is a young boy who spends his life on the road in search of his mother. A modern unfolding of the Avatamsaka sutra, his spiritual odyssey leads him to telling encounters with strange people and, eventually, the essence of Buddhism. Winner of the Alfred-Bauer Prize at the 1994 Berlin Film Festival, Passage to Buddha, one of Jang's best works, is a quiet and evocatively beautiful meditation on life. (AsianMediaWiki)


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