Hwang Jin Yi (1986)

Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 18:30


Korean Film Screening 7

Title: Hwang Jin Yi / 황진이  (1986)
Date: Thursday May 26th 2011
Location: Korean Cultural Office, Multipurpose Hall 

Director: Bae Chang-ho ('Whale Hunting')
Genre: Drama, Romance
Runtime: 125 mins
Cast: Jang Mi-hee ('The Deep Blue Night'), Ahn Sung-ki ('Two Cops')

Jin-ie, daughter of magistrate Hwang, with both wits and beauty, is dumped the day before her wedding because of the suicide of a leather-shoe maker who had a crush on her. Shocked by the shoe-maker's death, Jin-ie becomes a kisaeng. Her fame as a kisaeng grows far and wide. Jin-ie meets and falls in love with Byuk Kye-su. However, Kye-su is selected to be the envoy to the Kingdom of Myung. When he leaves Jin-ie's arms, she is stricken by feelings of betrayal and leaves to become a wanderer. Afterwards, Jin-ie meets the poor scholar Lee Saeng. She stays with him for a while but when she finds out that Lee Saeng is about to sell her to a vagabond clown group, Jin-ie follows the clown group willingly. (Korean Film Archive)


Hwang Jin-yi is now available to watch online in full for free via the Korean Film Archive's youtube channel. 


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