The Last Witness (1980)

Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 18:30


Korean Film Screening 9

Title: The Last Witness / 최후의 증인 (1980)
Date: Thursday June 16th 2011
Location: Korean Cultural Office, Multipurpose Hall



Director: Lee Du-Yong
 Drama, War, Crime

Runtime: 158 mins
Cast: Ha Myeong-Jung, Jeong Yun-Hee, Choi Bul-Am

Detective Oh discovers a secret while he investigates Yang Dal-su's murder case, with Attorney Kim Jung-yub. Sohn Suk-jin leaves a treasure map to his daughter Ji-hye when he faces death wiping out communist guerrillas hiding in Jiri mountain. Captain of the communist commandos, Kang Man-ho rapes Ji-hye and she gets pregnant. Hwang Ba-wu helps her and they run from the communists. They get married and look for the treasure together. Ba-wu stabs Dong-ju and turns himself in but Dal-su makes it look like Dong-ju is dead in order to take treasure and Ji-hye from Ba-wu. Jung-yub gets Ba-wu out after 20 years. Ba-wu finds out that Ji-hye's son Tae-young was the one who killed, he and Ji-hye commit suicide to protect him.



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