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The Library at the Korean Cultural Office holds approximately 4,300 books and 2,300 DVDs and CDs. It is a comprehensive collection containing everything from books about Korean history and politics, to traditional art and novels. Come in and relax while you discover something new about Korea!

It’s free of charge to use our library and everyone is welcome to visit to read books, watch films, listen to CDs, surf the internet or rest in our comfy chairs. Although our loan system is yet to be established (it will launch in 2012) please feel free to visit and catch up on your Korean knowledge.

The Hall of Worthies

Our libraries official title in Korean is집현전(Jibhyeonjeon) after the Hall of Worthies established by King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty in 1420. It is most famous for being the place where the creation of the Hangeul writing system occurred, as outlined in the Hunmin Jeongeum (literally The Correct Sounds for the Instruction of the People). You can learn more about King Sejong here (link to King Sejong Institute page). The Hall of Worthies was at the heart of King Sejong’s reign in what was a Golden Age for Korean Culture, and we hope it has the same effect for the KCO.


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