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What's New

What’s New – November 6th 2015

Family on Screen

Publisher: Ministry of Cultural Sports and Tourism, Korean Film Archive

Author: Sang-ok Sin, Hyeon-mok Yoo, Doo-yong Lee, Ji-woon Kim, Sang-soo Im, Tae-yong Kim, Jun-ho Bong, Han Lee

DVD set of eight Korean family-themed movies with subtitles in eight languages.

Romantic Papa directed by Sang-ok Shin - An insurance company worker, father is called ‘Romantic Papa’ by his five children. Although his salary is barely enough to feed the whole family, he takes care of his family with an optimistic nature and a penchant for laughter. 

Rainy Days directed by Hyeon-mok Yoo - The story of a family torn apart by conflicting loyalties during and after the Korean War.

Oldest Son directed by Doo-Yong Lee - Oldest son Tae-yeong Lee deals with family conflict when his elderly parents move into his home.

Quiet family directed by Ji-woon Kim - About a family who opens a mountain inn. Their first guests commits suicide and suddenly all their guests befall horrible fates.

Good lawyer’s wife directed by Sang-woo Im - A woman, married and with a child but becoming increasingly distant from her husband who is already cheating on her reluctantly enters a secret relationship with her neighbour, a teenage boy.

Family ties directed by Tae-yong Kim - A cross-generational view of two families. The film is divided into three different ‘family’ portraits.

Host directed by Jun-ho Bong - A monster emerges from Seoul’s Han River and focuses its attention on attacking people. One victim’s loving family does what it can to rescue her from its clutches.

Punch directed by Han Lee - The film about the budding mentor-mentee relationship forged between a rebellious high school student from a poor household and his meddlesome teacher who moves in next door. 



What’s New – October 23rd 2015

한국광복군 관련 자료집 (Historical materials on Korean Liberation Army)

Publisher: The Institute of Korean Independence Movement Studies

Authors: The Institute of Korean Independence Movement Studies



This book contains many historical materials on Korean Liberation Army. The materials include translated documents originally written in Chinese, and various visual materials. It mainly consists of documents relevant to Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea and Chinese government’s policy on Korean living in China at that time. 





What’s New – October 9th 2015

The History of the Korean Independence Movement

Publisher: The Institute of Korean Independence Movement Studies

Authors: Preface and chapter one : Kim Sang-ki, chapter two : Ban Byung-yool, chapter three : Chang Kyu-sik, chapter four: Han See-jun



Summary: This book was made to introduce the Korean Independence Movement, not only to the people who live inside Korea, but also to overseas Koreans and foreigners. This book is a guidebook that teaches the history of the Korean Independence Movement. It is composed of the preface and four chapters. In the preface, it writes about the meaning of the Korean Independence Movement in the present time and its significance to world history, with a general view of the overall progress of the Korean Independence Movement. In the four chapters, it clearly writes about its process of development according to time period.





What’s New – September 25th 2015

Yongsoopan, wooden piece carved dragon head

Publisher: Mokin Museum

Authors: Mokin 



“Yongsoopan” literally means a semicircular dragon head-carved wooden piece which decorates the front and back of a bier roof in pair. Such bier is called “Sang-yeo” in Korea. This book contains 581 Yongsoopan (281 pairs and 45 single pieces) including 2 additional pieces during the exhibition are displayed. To make people have a better understanding of Yongsoopan, it was classified into diagram, shape and manufacturing technique. 




What's New - September 11th 2015

Korea & Europe, an Encounter in Musical Instruments

Publisher: National Gugak Center

Authors: National Gugak Center and les Musee des instruments de musique de Belgique



This book introduces traditional musical instruments of Korea and Europe. The instruments appeared in this book were all displayed in the 2014 exhibition “Korea and Europe, an Encounter in Musical Instruments.” This book provides information on each musical instrument concisely with visual materials. Following the information on the instruments, this book also provides four special articles: comparison of musical instruments of Korea and Europe, les Musee des instruments de musique de Belgique and manufacturing musical instruments in Belgium both of them are provided in Korean and French and two more only provided in Korean. 




What's new - August 28th 2015

Moon Tides (Jeju Island Grannies of the Sea)

Publisher: Seoul Collection

Authors: Brenda Paik Sunoo & Youngsook Han

In Jeju Island, off the southwest coast of Korea, you will hear the sound of the exhaled breath of sea women, known as haenyeo. Haenyeo, as their maternal acvestors did for centuries, they have soured the island's sea floor, harvesting seaweed, octopuses, sesa urchins, turban shells and abalone. Mood tides (Jeju Island Grannies of Sea) is the first book by and American journalist to document the lives of these rare divers through intimate interviews and photographs. Their stories will appeal to those of use desiring a life of purpose - undulating and infiniate as the sea. 





What's New - August 14th 2015

The Zoo

Publisher: Kane/Miller Book Publishers

Author: Suzy Lee


A little girl’s trip to the zoo becomes an extraordinary, imaginative, fun-filled animal adventure. Meanwhile, her parents experience an alarming adventure of their own. This book for animal lovers, dreamers, turns an ordinary trip to the zoo into a day no one will ever forget.



What's New - July 31st 2015

The Naked Tree

Publisher: Cornell University East Asia Program

Author: Park Wan-suh Translated by Yu Young-nan

A coming-of-age novel set during the Korean War, narrated in first person by Kyung-a, a young woman working in a studio that produces hack portrait painting for American soldiers. The novel is rich with scenes of cultural clashes, racial prejudices, and the kinds of misunderstandings that many American soldiers and Koreans experienced during the war years.



What's New - July 17th 2015

It is a day when the sun rises, It is evening when the moon rises

Publisher: Ui-Jeong (Seon Monastery Monks Welfare Foundation from Jogye Order of Korean Buddism)

Author: Seon Monastery Monks Welfare Foundation from Jogye Order of Korean Buddism

This book is a collection about nine pieces of Ko’an stories from monks in modern Korean era. Ko’an is a story, dialogue, question, or statement, which is used in Zen practice to provoke the ‘great doubt’ and test a student’s progress in Zen practice. This book describes the history of nine Ko’an stories and enlightenment that past ancestor have realized. From the description of history and explanation about enlightenment of ancestors in this book, the readers will be understood about the right ways of ascetic practices. 



What's New - July 3rd 2015

Mural Paintings of Daejojeong Hall in Changdeokgung Palace

Publisher: National Palace Museum of Korea

Author: Team of National Palace Museum of Korea

In this special exhibition book, two mural paintings of Daejojeon Hall in Changdeokgung Palace, namely the Phoenixes (Bonghwang-do) and the White Cranes (Baekhak-do), having undergone a two year long conservation treatment, are now revealed to public for the very first time. These mural paintings, which had decorated the king and queen’s sleeping chamber, Daejojeon Hall, for ninety years, reveal the same time are masterpieces that reflect the changes of modern Joseon-era paintings.



What's New - June 5th 2015

Korean Shamanism

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Limited

Author: Chong-ho Kim

Shamanism can be defined as tend to focus on the shaman and on his or her technique and mental experience. To Korean people, Shamanic healing is a kind of paradoxical healing in which the irrational is treated with irrationality. This book is a study of the place of shamans within contemporary Korean society, based on fieldwork both in the small town of Soy, some 150km from Seoul and in the city of Seoul itself. In the book, the relationship between shamanism and Korean cultural system is well shown. Although this book is a study of shamanism, shamans and their arguments are not main concern. But this book is more focused on the ordinary people who make use of shamans. 


What's New - June 5th 2015

Seoul Museums Guide

Publisher: Seoul Museum Associatioin

Author: Hong-Gyue Choi, Ji-hwan Bang, Song-yi yang, Gang-su Yoo

There are museums of almost every field of study including history, art, literature, science, medical science, and religion in Seoul, the capital city of Korea. This book has regionally categorized Seoul’s museums where the tradition and the present are coexisted, and various cultures are together. This book introduces diverse cultural contents of museum with the purpose of ‘communication between museums of Seoul and citizens’, so leisure culture with family would be formed. This book also gives interesting stories to people at museums where wisdom of humanity is compiled. 



What's New - May 22th 2015

Litrature on Screen (DVD)

Publisher: Korean Film Archive

Author: Yunhee Park, Hyojoung Song, Woo-Hyung Chon, Young-mee Lee, Ji-Mi Kim, Young Suk Oh, Jiseung Roh, Hye-jin Hwang, Chae-won Lee

The Korean Film Archive(KOFA) has been working on and issuing topical DVD box sets since 2012 in order to introduce diverse aspects of Korean society through Korean films that are representative works in Korean film history. The 'Film and Literature' offers a good opportunity for viewers to delve into Korean film history and literary history as well as developments in Korean society. It compiled eighy films. 



What's New - May 8th 2015

Notes on Things Korean

Publisher: Hollym

Author: Suzanne Crowder Han

This book offers an insightful look at the traditions and cultural heritage of the Korean people. A compilation of concise and informative notes on a wide range of topics, this book is for anyone interested in Korean lige, thought, and culture. The notes, some illustrated with sketches and drawings, are presented alphabetically under such headings as Beliefs and Customs, Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance, Languages and Letters, Historic Figures, Famous Places and Monuments, and Games and Sports. Also there are more than one hundred fifty entries which include, for example, descriptions of traditional arts, crafts, games, clothing, housing, and food, and explanations of customs.



What's New - Apr 24th 2015

Hanbok: Timeless Fashion Tradition

Publisher: Hyung-geum Kim from Seoul Selection

 Author: Samuel Songhoon Lee

Hanbok embodies many of the social and aesthetic values of the Korean people. In accordance with the emphasis on social harmony found in Confucian philosophy, the choice of Hanbok varied depending on one's position in society. Its beautifully flowing lines and harmonious colour schemes are important aesthetic values found in Korean art. Hanbok is increasingly emerging into the spotlight following the popularity of Korean television dramas, which are often set in the past, and also through efforts to promote Hanbok on the global stage. Renowned fashion designers around the world have taken note of Hanbok and have incorporated its elements into their own work. This book offers various insights about the characteristics, aesthetics, and histort of Hanbok, the traditional constume of Korea and its contemporary standing on the global fashion scene. 



What's New - Apr 10th 2015

The Beauty of Korean Food

Publisher: Hollym

Author: Sook-Ja Kim from Institute of Traditioinal Korean food

This book is introducing Korean food history, ingredients, and table manners so that foreighners or overseas Koreans could learn about traditional Korean food. As the Korean government has been making effort to promote Korean food as a world food, the result of this project is this book which standardises recipes so that any foreigner can easily cook Korean food. 


What's New - Mar 27th 2015

The Story of Samulnori

Publisher: Sakyejul

Author: Dong-Won Kim

The Story of Samulnori tells the story of Bright Land, a peaceful place that is sent into turmoil with the arrival of a dark cloud of pollution, bringing confusion and despair to the people. The Leader of Bright Land appeals to the gods who tell him to send his four children to the corners of the earth. Once there, they must convince the guardian of each corner to hand over a treasure they possess which is a rare and precious musical instrument. If these can be retrieved and played together, harmony and understanding will be resorted. Thus, “The story of Samulnori” is one way of explaining what this spirit is. This spirit, thanks in great part to the effort of Samulnori is very much alive and flourishing in Korea today.



What's New - Mar 13h 2015

Traditional Korean Gardens

Publisher: Joon Hwan Shin from Korean National Arboretum

Author: Hye-Young Jin, Jeong Hwa Song, Yeong-Han Kwon, Sung Sik Kim, Tai-Hyeon Ahn, and Hyun Tak Shin


As Korean traditional gardens reflect the ancestral wisdom of harmonizing with nature, proper documentation is important to retaining thier original value. This book analyses the historical relationship and significance of different plants as parts of gardens and contains photographs and information on representative plants from 26 gardens of the Joseon period. It aims to provide information for better understanding of ancient thought and ideology reflected in the selection of various garden plants as well as illustrates how they appear now. 



What's New - Feb 27th 2011

Books of the Joseon Dynasty Returned from Japan

Publisher: National Palace Museum of Korea

Joseon Dynasty Returned

"In December 6th, the Japanese government officially returned 1, 205 missing books from the Joseon Dynasty to the Korean government after more that 100 years. This book is a catalogue for the special exhibition held at the National Palace Museum in celebration of the return of the Joseon Dynasty books from Japan's Imperial House Agency. The books of the Joseon Dynasty retured from Japan this time include books of the royal collection and the royal protocols (also known as the uigwe records), and they umber 1,205 volumes of 150 seperate pieces. This catalogues introduces these books under the following three secton titles: 'The Return of Uigwe, the Royal Protocols and Other Royal Books', 'Uigwe, the Royal Protocols of the Joseon Dynasty' and 'Books of the Joseon Dynasty'."


What's New - Feb 13th 2011
Spirit of Jang-in: Treasures of Korean Metal Craft

Publisher: Powerhouse Publishing

Edited by Min-Jung Kim 

Spirit of Jang-in 

"From the Bronze Age to the present day Korean artisans, traditionally known as jang-in, have used metals to create functional everyday objects, objects of great beauty and objects of powerful symbolism. The way metal has been used and regarded in Korean society tells a compelling story of its history, culture and most meaningful rituals and beliefs. Through three essays and more than 150 spectacular objects, this publication traces the development of metal craft from Korea’'s ancient craftsmen to the spectacular ‘'kingdoms of gold’' of the Silla royalty, the influence of Buddhism on craft skills and practice, the simplicity of the Confucian era, and the dark days of the early 20th century.

Contributing institutions are the National Museum of Korea, Gyeongju National Museum, National Folk Museum of Korea, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Tongdosa Museum and the Powerhouse Museum. Reflecting a contemporary spirit of jang-in, a selection of metal works from practicing Korean artists living in Korea and Australia is also featured. Spirit of jang-in celebrates the Year of Friendship between Australia and the Republic of Korea, marking 50 years of our bilateral relationship. 

This publication is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea, the Australian Government through the Australia-Korea Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the National Museum of Korea."


What's New - Jan 30th 2011

K-DRAMA: A New TV Genre with Global Appeal, Volume 3

By Korean Culture and Informaion Service 


"The third volume in the K-Culture series, to introduce Korean dramas, revealing how these “soppy soaps” have reached greater foreign audiences beyond Asia, spreading out across the world as far as Africa and Latin America. The book also examines the appeal of K-drama with a section dedicated to the top K-drama stars." 



What's New - Jan 16th 2011

Korea 2020: Global perspectives for the next decade

By Dominic Barton


"What's next for South Korea? A half-century ago it was among the world's poorest countries, now its a prosperous, industrialized democracy, with an economy that has proved resilient in the face of the global economic crisis. But South Korea's future remains unclear. This important volume brings together top international thinkers and asks them to look ahead to the new challenges Korea faces."