Performing Arts


The 9th Korean Festival is back on the 8th and 11th of October after being postponed for two years due to the pandemic. This year’s festival showcases traditional music and dance to highlight the vibrant and rich elements of Korean culture. The concert will be held in Canberra and Sydney and 2 teams from Korea; Uheeska and the Traditional Korean music and dance team will be performing on these days. Come and enjoy the lively concerts and dive deeply into traditional Korean music.


1. 8 OCT, 18:00~20:00 / Cultural Centre Kambri (University Ave, Acton ACT 2601),
2. 11 OCT, 18:30~20:30 / The Concourse-Concert Hall (409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067)

ABOUT UHEESKA: The 15-member group ‘Uheeska’ is a band where Jamaican ska music, which has a worldwide fanatic base, and Yeonhee, who has the character of everyday play for Koreans, meet to create swag-filled music. Uheeska, is a popular team that unleashes ska reggae music with Korean sensibility, approaching anyone without objection, and strengthening the eyes and ears with unique music and performances that can be enjoyed together as a play.

ABOUT TRADITIONAL KOREAN MUSIC AND DANCE TEAM: Special stage for those who have completed Korea’s important national intangible cultural assets such as inner dance, mouth dance, Jindobok dance, Gyeongbokgung Taryeong, Kkottaryeong, and Namdo folk songs.



  1. 1. UheeSka Gil-nori
  2. 2. Uheeska’s Blessing
  3. 3. East and West
  4. 4. Gueum Napal-nori
  5. 5. Nanbong Ska
  6. 6. Dugeun Dugeun
  7. 7. Uheeska Arirang
  8. 8. Wonpuri
  9. 9. Boat Song
  10. 10. Folk Song Medley

Traditional Korean Music and Dance

  1. 1. Hwagwanmu Folk Dance
  2. 2. Gyeonggiminyo Folk Song
  3. 3. Jindobukchum Drum Dance
  4. 4. Salpuri Folk Dance
  5. 5. Sinminyo Folk Song
  6. 6. Jindo Arirang

RSVP: If you would like to attend the concert, please fill out this form by the 3rd of October.