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Celebrating the beginning of New Year 2023, the Korean Cultural Centre Australia is giving you the chance to win 3 Korean food meal kits so that you can try making one of the most popular Korean dishes at home. Please read through the details below and make an application.


– Application period: 17th January – 22nd January 2023
– Lucky winners announcement will be announced during the week after the application period.
* Only lucky winners will receive a message through the SNS.


<Step 1. Application>
There are limited number of kits available. If you would like to be one of the winners to receive the meal kits, click here(Facebook/Instagram) to apply. Lucky winners will be contacted through message. Please note you need to buy all the fresh ingredients to complete the recipes.

<Step 2. Enjoy cooking Korean food with meal kit>
Learn how to make Kimchijeon(김치전), Kimchi Bokkeumbap(김치볶음밥) and Tteokbokki(떡볶이) in the comfort of your own kitchen whenever the time suits you best. Each of the different dishes comes with a recipe in Korean and English, plus a QR code for a recipe video in Korean, subtitled in English.
* We’ve also teamed up with Brendan Pang (Perth-based cook, 2018 & 2020 Masterchef Australia contestant) and he shared his own Kimchijeon recipe. (

<Step 3. Share your experience and thoughts>
Share photos or videos of yourself enjoy making it, the finished dish on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc.) with tagging Korean Cultural Centre Australia’s account. Please note some of the photos/video may be used for promotional purposes.


* The meal kits and recipe video were developed and created by the ‘Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ and ‘the Korean Food Promotion Institute’.
** Food allergy notice – Please check the ingredients list included in the recipe card and back of each box, read carefully what’s included for the allergies. It is an individual’s responsibility.