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2 Step K-Beauty Tips’ will be a 2 episode video where we introduce K-Beauty skincare and makeup and get to learn about personal colour.

We introduce you to K-Beauty with beauty influencer Lucy Livin. Come and enjoy the 2 episode videos where you can find out about your personal colour and find out which k-beauty products will suit you best!

The video will be uploaded on Korean Cultural Centre’s YouTube and Facebook channel in April. You can also come see the BTS of our shoot on Lucy’s YouTube Channel as well.

TITLE: 2 Step K-Beauty Tips

DATE: 13th April and 20th April


EPISODE 1: 7pm (AEST), 13th April 2022


<Korean Natural Ingredient Skin care Products and routine>

Introducing you to the 5 step skincare routine with Innisfree green tea products and Round Lab’s Dokdo mineral product. Get clear skin with Korean natural ingredients!


EPISODE 2: 7pm (AEST), 20th April 2022


<What’s your personal colour? Cool tone and warm tone makeup with Olive Young’s bestselling products>

In South Korea, personal colour matching has become a trend for everyone. Finding out your personal colour helps you match outfits and makeup that suits you best. Find out your personal colour, and what makeup would suit you best with Olive Youngs bestselling products.


* K-Beauty product giveaway event! Don’t forget to check our Instagram and Facebook page for more information.

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