Join the series of Kimchi events to explore the rich heritage and flavors of this iconic Korean dish. Celebrating International Kimchi Day designated on November 22, enjoy a delightful evening of delicious tastes, cultural insights, and sharing with fellow Kimchi enthusiasts.

VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre Australia (GF, 255 Elizabeth St, Sydney)


<Hands-on Workshop> Quick Cabbage Kimchi / Mon, 20 Nov 5.30-7pm
: Join Chungjae Lee, the owner chef from Little Miss Korea in Darwin & Seoul Sisters in Adelaide, to learn the art of making Quick Cabbage Kimchi (배추 김치 겉절이), followed by a delightful tasting of Kimchi Bokkeumbap (김치볶음밥).

<Hands-on Workshop> Quick Cucumber Kimchi Salad / Tues, 21 Nov 5.30-7pm
: Discover the secrets of preparing a refreshing Cucumber Kimchi Salad, which includes the chef’s unique twist on the commonly known cucumber Kimchi, with Chef Chungjae Lee, and enjoy it as a Bibim Guksu (비빔국수).

<Demonstration & Tasting> Italian Cuisine with Kimchi / Wed, 22 Nov 5.30-7pm
: Explore the fusion of Italian Cuisine with Kimchi, created by Head Chef Jowoon Oh from Osteria di Russo & Russo. Watch a live demonstration and tasting session featuring his delectable menus.

<Demonstration & Tasting> Musaengchae & Pa Muchim / Thurs, 23 Nov 5.30-7pm
: Experience the process of creating two iconic Kimchi dishes, Musaengchae(무생채) and Pa Muchim(파무침), commonly enjoyed as banchan, and savor them in a ssam(쌈) style with beef Bulgogi & mushroom, guided by Amina Elshafei, a former contestant on MasterChef Australia.

<Hands-on Workshop> 3 Dishes Using Kimchi / Fri, 24 Nov 5.30-7pm
: Join a TV chef and Korean food expert Heather Jeong to discover three exciting recipes showcasing the versatility of Kimchi. As she explains Kimchi is her language of love, chef will explores the emotive power of food and leads you how to make Kkakdugi Gimbap(깍두기 김밥), Yeolmu Kimchi Bibimbap(열무 김치 비빔밥) and also make it seasoned and have with cold tofu.

REGISTRATION: Free event, but booking essential as there is a limited number of spots. If you would like to be one of the winners to join the program, click here to apply. You will be contacted through email either if you are one of the lucky winners or you are on the waiting list. To share the opportunities with more people, we ask you to choose only one favorite program you are hoping to join. If you make application to more than one program, your application will be chosen to be only one program at random.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Some tasting will be provided during the program. Please note that it is the participant’s individual responsibility to inform a member of staff in advance if you have a food allergy. Please write to us to let us know by Wednesday 15 November and we will get back to you what adjustments we can make. / By joining this event you agree to being filmed or photographed which may be used for promotional purposes.