Other Events


Have you ever dreamed of being a Korean school student? From the 25th of July~ 11th of August, you get to experience being a Korean School Student at KCC.

This event will allow you to wear a Korean school uniform and experience various types of photo zones and activities that are in trend for Korean school students today. Match with your friends and lover! Please fill out the form and choose a time slot, each slot will be 1 hour long and there can be up to 10 people per session.

There will be a board game café where you can play various types of board games, and a convenient store where you can grab snacks and drinks while you enjoy the board game café as well.



  1. 1. Participation wall where you can write your thoughts on a post it note ‘What’s something that reminds you of Korea?’
  2. 2. ‘넌 너무 예뻐’ photo zone
  3. 3. Neon sign photo zone ‘어서와, KCCAU’
  4. 4. Chalk board and classroom photo zone- decorate the chalk board the way you would like!
  5. 5. Photo wall- take a photo with a Polaroid and stick it on the photo wall!
  6. 6. Mirror zone! Take selfies with your friends at the mirror zone
  7. 7. Photo shoot styled photo zone
  8. 8. SNACK FACTORY KCCAU convenient store photo zone
  9. 9. Board game café photo zone
  10. 10. Sunset light photo zone
  11. 11. Projector photo zone


  • All the uniforms range from size XS~L.
  • Please bring your OWN white shirt. We do not provide white shirts, for the full experience of Korean uniform we advise you to bring your own white shirt
  • Each time slot goes up to 1 hour and up to 10 people
  • To those who can’t come on weekdays, we will be open on the 6th of August
  • You can walk in, but you may not be able to try on the uniforms if the session is fully booked
  • Please click ‘HERE‘ to book