Art & Exhibition




18 April-29 June

Opening Night

Wed 18 April, 17:30-19:30

Through your eyes explores how Australia motivates Korean artist and how Korea inspires Australian artists. Artists from both countries have had the chance to experience their reciprocal cultures through residency programs. The ways in which the artists relate to each other’s different(and yet similar) cultures are on a personal level, but the wider social characteristics of both countries are shown by their artistic reactions. The exhibition will present how the artists saw, understood and accustomed themselves to cultural differences. It will also show how the artists were influenced by the elements around them, and how they developed their own styles with such elements.

Mingling with and finding out the differences becomes the initial step toward achieving understanding. Not only were the artists discovering the unfamiliar and expressing their feeling from that experience and observations, they were also understanding and becoming accustomed to the unfamiliar during their residency period. The stories and episodes that artists have implanted in their artworks will provide a chance to consider the cultural differences and reflected interpretations. The exhibition will go beyond the boundaries of Australia and Korea to reach the issues of multiculturalism in Australia and also in the globalised world.


5 September-16 November

Opening Night

5 September, 17:30-19:30

Hello, Stranger initiated with the common aim from National Art Studios and the Korean Cultural Centre Australia(KCC) to introduce Korean contemporary art actively. The KCC, which opened last year, co-organised this exhibition to create a chance to introduce the creativity and excellence of Korean contemporary art.

This exhibition introduces the National Art Studios’ artists who delve into the problems of communication, relations, language, cultural code, tastes, individuals and society within these diverse spaces. The artists’ various perspectives indicate complex interests tangled with intercultural and multicultural discourse and suggest positive possibility through literature and philosophical approaches. This exhibition will provide valuable opportunity  to see artistic excellence and share the deep thought of Korean contemporary artists, who are eternal ‘stranger’ wandering away from pre-existing ideas and customs.