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New Beginning

DATE: 27 Nov 2020 – 29 Jan 2021

(Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm with a special opening on Saturday 12 December & 16 January)

VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre Australia gallery

The Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prize (KAAFAP) has been postponed due to the uncertainty regarding COVID-19. This year, instead of the annual art prize, the KAAF presents the interim group show including past award winners and some selected finalists.

New Beginning features new paintings from 27 Australian artists and their response to the current global pandemic situation. Artists have approached this challenge with various creative thought processes. These works hope to inspire new ways of thinking, seeing and living through this challenging time.

New Beginning aims to not only share the artists’ inner world with the audience but also celebrate the achievements of all art prize participants over the past 8 years.

As a venue partner, the Korean Cultural Centre Australia has been working with the KAAF over the course of its 8 year history in supporting multiculturalism in Australia.

ARTISTS: Ann Arora, Barbara Goldin, Ben Smith, Caroline Zilinsky, Claire Tozer, Colleen Stapleton, Craig Handley, Ethne Benn, Fiona Dobrijevich, Geoff Harvey, Guy Morgan, Hoim Lee, Hyun-Hee Lee, Jaedon Shin, Jenny Orchard, Keesik Chung, Maryanne Wick, Min-Woo Bang, Misim Song, Nahomi Yoshizawa, Paul Miller, Peta Hinton, Robert Bennetts, Steve Salo, Susanna Chen Chow, Tim Allen, Yvonne Boag


Light Shadow: Koo Bohnchang

28 August – 13 November 2020

Featuring 39 artworks, Light Shadow captures the moment of encounter between white porcelains of the Joseon Dynasty, a camera and an artist. Koo Bohnchang embarked on a journey in search of Korean white porcelains scattered all over the world in different museums. For more than 30 years, he has been a pioneer and leader of modern Korean photography. The exhibition presented by the KCC is his long-awaited first solo show in Australia.

“In this series I wanted to make the ceramics seem as if they were floating, not fixed in reality. I wanted to infuse the picture with more warmth and spirit …I wanted to capture the spirit of a vessel as if it were the portrait of a person.” – Koo Bohnchang

as part of

– Exhibition Review I Sydney Morning Herald Art Column by John McDonald By the light of the moon published in the SMH, 12 Sep 2020

Media Coverage


– Artist Interview I ABC RN The Drawing Room with Patricia Karvelas, 21 Sep 2020

Koo Bohnchang talked to ABC RN Drive about his journey that took him all over the world to capture the spirit of Joseon white porcelain in his photographs and reacquaint audiences with the beauty of their simplicity.


– Artist Interview I SBS Korean Radio with Leah Na

Light Shadow: Koo Bohnchang exhibition, currently being held at the Korean Cultural Center Australia, started when the artist Koo wished to collect spirits of white porcelain of the Joseon Dynasty that has been leaked overseas through the Japanese colonial period.



* To help keep everyone safe, please check the link below before visiting our centre.


Hanbok refers to the traditional Korean garment worn by its people on many traditional and family occasions including “Seollal” Korea’s Lunar New Year, weddings and ceremonies.

Especially, the custom of wearing a set of specially prepared new hanbok on the Lunar New Year’s Day is called ‘seolbim’.

There are many different kinds of hanbok and the Korean Cultural Centre Australia will showcase the colourful, eye-pleasing attire in its various forms and shapes. Both traditional and modern designs as well as children’s hanbok will be exhibited along with the accessories and ornaments that accompany hanbok.

This free exhibition will be open to the general public and visitors will have a chance to try on the colourful hanbok which will certainly augment the New Year’s festivities!

The Korean Cultural Centre Australia in collaboration with the Hanbok Advancement Centre in South Korea presents ‘Hanbok: The Colours of Korean New Year’ exhibition as an associated event of Sydney Lunar Festival 2020.

DATE & TIME: 5 FEB – 13 MAR 2020 (Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm)

VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre Australia (Ground floor 255 Elizabeth St. Sydney NSW 2000)

Free admission

ENQUIRY: / 02 8267 3400