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In celebration of Hangeul Day, 9th October, the Korean Cultural Centre presents an online lecture, ‘Hangeul is Art’. One of the renowned pioneers in the field of Hangeul design, Prof. Jae-Joon Han of Seoul Women’s University will share his interpretation on the Hunminjeongeum Haerye (Explanations and Examples of the Korean Alphabet published in 1446) based upon the information found in the book added with his imagination as an artist.

Prof. Han has also invented ‘CR Che’, a font that highlights Hangeul’s simplicity while maximising its ability to expand by adding strokes to only 6 basic Hangeul letters (3 consonants, 3 vowels) to create all 24 letters of Hangeul, which then can be used to make syllables, words, phrases and even art works.

While Hangeul has been recognised as an excellent writing system with its unique features, Prof. Han highly values its aesthetic, artistic and philosophical perspectives that Hangeul is art as it is and has potential to near-limitless versatility.

This lecture will be a rare opportunity to meet one of the most renowned Hangeul designers of Korea who will take you on a journey to appreciate the beauty of Hangeul and lead you to your own creation. Prof. Han emphasises that anyone can be a Hangeul designer and if you are unsure of how, he will show you the way.


  1. When: Thursday, 29th October from 6:30pm(AEDT) (approximately for an hour)
  2. Where: Live on KCC Facebook
  3. An online lecture followed by hands-on activities using the CR Hangeul magnetic kit

*Those who watch online live can participate via a comment section and win a magnetic kit!

*KCC Korean Language Class students can apply to participate in the ZOOM interactive lecture by filling out the application form (maximum 20 students only, if selected a magnetic kit will be sent to your address to use during the lecture)

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