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Hangeul is the alphabetic writing system of the Korean language invented back in 1443 by King Sejong the Great. Hangeul, consisting of only 24 letters, boasts its originality and simplicity which enables the general public and even non-Koreans to learn fairly quickly and easily. Some say that you can learn Hangeul in just a few hours! More recently, the aesthetic and design aspects of Hangeul have been shed light on that a variety of exhibitions on Hangeul and its typography have been held frequently.

This year’s Hangeul Sarang Event will be an opportunity for anyone residing in Australia with or without prior knowledge of Hangeul to participate in and to appreciate the beauty of Hangeul while decorating your favourite Korean word(s) or phrase(s) in any way you like the most.


1. Please decorate any Korean words or phrases written in Hangeul and send us the image of it via with the subject line: Hangeul Sarang Event Entry (to be COVID-19 safe). Please also fill out the application form for basic information.

*Important: the work submitted must be original and created by the applicant

2. Anyone residing in Australia is eligible to apply

3. Entry available from 7 September to 4 October

4. Winners to be announced on 9 October, Hangeul Day

5. 10 winners will be selected and be awarded a calligraphy work by a renowned Korean calligrapher, YEO Tae-Myeong who will create an original work with the winners’ names in Hangeul. (The prizes will be delivered by mail later in the year.)

YEO Tae-myeong, an acclaimed master of Korean calligraphy and the founding president of the Korean Calligraphy Association performed at the reception marking the 100th anniversary of the Korean provisional government on 11 April, 2019. YEO’s work also appeared on a stone plaque which was revealed during the 2018 Inter-Korean Summit in Panmunjeom.

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