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‘K-Indie Music Festival x Vivid Sydney’ welcomes you to enjoy Korean Indie Music’s diverse expression of sound with K-Indie’s representatives from South Korea: Sunwoojunga and Silica Gel from Magic Strawberry Sound.

K-Indie Music Festival x Vivid Sydney is presented by the Korean Cultural Centre AU in collaboration with Vivid Sydney. The event is a part of Vivid Sydney’s ‘Tumbalong Night’.

DATE: 7 JUN 2024

TIME: 7:30pm – 10:00pm. 

VENUE: Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour

TICKETS: FREE, ALL AGES (More info, please click HERE)

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Sunwoojunga established her very unique position in Korean pop music scene. First of all, her music is not bound to any genres and music scene. She twists and mixes cliches of various genres such as Rock, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Hip-hop and even EDM. She has the freedom of overcoming and recreating those genres, resulting in creating her own characters. Her music cannot be defined in simple terms as mainstream or indie and even the word ‘experimental’ is not enough to describe her music.

These days, “excellent vocal” means powerfully hitting the high notes at the climax and it has been considered as the measure of “great vocals”. Sunwoojunga makes us reconsider this stereo-type view of “great vocals”. She mastered her vocal ability ins and outs. Her vocal maximizes the song’s composition and breaks the stereo-type with her free-spirited and non-conforming characteristics. She is proof that the vocal’s dramatic appeal is born from the junction of these.From this, it is not an exaggeration that she is the definition of a music artist who makes you experience the evolution of Korean pop music.

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<Silica Gel>

‘Brave New Sound’, band Silica Gel

The band ‘Silica Gel’ consists of 4 members: Kim Hanjoo (keyboard/vocal), Kim Chunchu (guitar/vocal), Kim Geonjay (drums), and Choi Woonghee (bass). The unique psychedelia built on the basis of a colorful spectrum and the live performance of explosive energy have been condensed to become the newest, most courageous, sound-producing band ‘Silica Gel’.

Emerging in the indie scene in August 2015 with the EP [Five Perspectives of a Zero Gravity Deer Ingested Again], the band released their regular album [Silica Gel] in October 2016. The album received critical acclaim and earned them three Rookie awards, including ‘Rookie of the Year’ at the Korean Popular Music Awards. Their commitment to “continue making ear-crazy music,” expressed upon receiving these awards, was reaffirmed with [Kyo181], a new comeback announced in 2021.

The band’s a little bit of cheeky interview ‘Silica Gel aims for teamplay rather than teamwork’ sounds like a word that best represents the band’s current pursuit, rather than a joke to pass over. The reason may be that the band’s identity is being established by continuing omnidirectional activities based on each member’s exceptional musical ability.

If you are curious about the possibility of Silica Gel, the answer can be found in music. It is unheard because no one has ever tried it, therefore it’s supposed to be new because it is unheard, for weird things always bring something new the more you think about it.

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In collaboration with Vivid Sydney