In response to many requests by Korean film fans in Perth, Korean Cultural Centre AU is finally bringing 2 of the most popular films from the Korean Film Festival in Australia’s line-up last year there. It’s a free admission event so please bring all your families and friends, and let’s have a fun K-movie night!

Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of foreign language subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films. – Bong Joon-ho at Golden Globes –



TIME & DATE: 15:00, 14 MAY

VENUE: Cinema 4, Palace Cinemas Raine Square

MOVIE: Paper Flower

CAST: Sungki AHN, Eugene KIM, Heyseong KIM, Jaehee JANG

GENRE: Drama

“It was a moment when my life changed”
‘Sung-gil’, a funeral director, is living a tough life taking care of his son, ‘Ji-hyuk’, who is paralysed after a hit-and-run accident. Sung-gil starts over as a franchisee of Happy Ending funeral company. Meanwhile, mother and daughter, ‘Eun-sook’ and ‘No-eul’, become his neighbours. Eun-sook, who is unable to get a job due to a large scar on her face, gets the chance to be the caregiver of Ji-hyuk.

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TIME & DATE: 17:00, 14 MAY

VENUE: Cinema 4, Palace Cinemas Raine Square

MOVIE: The Swordsman

CAST: Hyuk JANG, Hyun-soo KIM, Joe TASLIM

GENRE: Action

Three different swordsmen meet each other for their own reasons.
Set during the chaotic period of the Ming-Qing dynasty transition, ‘Tae-Yul’, the best swordsman in Joseon, lives in seclusion with his daughter ‘Tae-Ok’ in the mountains after failing to protect and preventing the downfall of Gwanghaegun of Joseon. As Tae-Yul’s eyesight begins to fail due to an old injury, Tae-Ok seeks to find a treatment for him. When she is captured and taken away by the slave trader Gurutai, Tae-Yul is forced to raise his sword again in order to save her.

HOW TO BOOK? Please Click ‘HERE‘ to book your tickets.


* The movie starts on time without commercials so please be on time.

** Please bring you tickets to the Cienma3 and present it at the entry. (You don’t need to go to the candy bar or box office to redeem your tickets)