Due to unexpected circumstances, KOFFIA had to cancel ‘The Swordsman’ session last year but we are so excited to bringing this film back for a free Korean Film Screening event. If you missed it last year, this is the only chance that you can catch up.

Once you overcome the one-inch-tall barrier of foreign language subtitles, you will be introduced to so many more amazing films. – Bong Joon-ho at Golden Globes –[/vc_column_text][mk_padding_divider size=”15″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1649727490655{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]TIME & DATE: 18:30, 14 APR

VENUE: Cinema 6, Palace Cinemas Central

MOVIE: The Swordsman

CAST:  Hyuk Jang, Hyeon-soo KIM


After the dethronement of Gwanghaegun, the country’s best swordsman Tae Yool vanishes. Joseon itself is in chaos due to the conflict between Qing and Ming Dynasty. Gurutai is a member of the imperial family of Qing. He makes unreasonable demands upon Joseon. Under this situation, Tae Yool’s daughter Tae Ok is taken by Gurutai’s subordinates. Tae Yool picks up his sword again to save his daughter.

WHO CAN JOIN? Everyone can join this event (Booking required)

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