The Korean Cultural Centre Australia is excited to bring the Korean Food Workshop to you throughout the year. Through the workshops, you will be gaining the useful skills for cooking Korean cuisine with hands-on experience, and also get to know a lot of interesting stories and learn culture behind the food. Free event and eligible for anyone aged 18 years and over.

TIME & DATE: 17:30-19:00 (AEST), Wednesday 7 September 2022

DURATION: 90mins (hands-on & tasting experience)

VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre Australia (Ground Floor, 255 Elizabeth St, Sydney)

INSTRUCTOR: Heather Jeong

WHAT TO LEARN: Gimbap – Gimbap is a seaweed rice roll that the protagonist (Young-woo) of a popular Netflix series, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ eats everyday! Through the workshop, we will make two different versions featured in the series.


“Woo to the Young to the Woo! Dong to the Geu to the Rami! Ha!

Gimbap is easily made by seasoning cooked white rice with salt and sesame oil, spreading it over lightly, adding various ingredients and rolling and cutting them into bite-sized pieces. Because Gimbap is easy to eat anywhere, it is a convenient dish for a simple lunchbox menu. In Korea, it is a signature menu item that parents put in lunchboxes on picnic days.

Dong Geu Rami Gimbap (Folded Gimbap) is named after Yong-woo’s best friend. Dong Geu Rami prepares this version of Gimbap for Youngwoo. This version can be made in a much more simple way with less variety of ingredients!


This is invitation-based due to limited spots available.. If you would like to be one of the 8 winners to join the workshop with your 1 guest, click here to apply( Facebook / Instagram ). Lucky winners will be contacted on Friday, 2nd September. Please note the workshop will be held at the Korean Cultural Centre in Sydney.

* Please note that the participants are chosen with the purpose of sharing opportunities to experience Korean culture with broader audiences. Only successful applicants will be contacted. If your application was successful but if you won’t be able to attend any more, please notify us to as soon as possible so that the person in the waiting list can join. Failure to notify before 48 hours of the workshop might affect your next application result in the future.

** By joining this event you agree to being filmed or photographed which may be used for promotional purposes.


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