Learn the Korean language with the Korean Cultural Centre AU! Our program accommodates a wide range of students ranging from introductory to intermediate levels! Through our 15-week courses (2-week holiday in between) the learners will be given an opportunity to improve their Korean language skills in conjunction to their cultural understanding. The classes are open to any Australian residents from the age of 18.

2024 Term Schedule

Registration Period

Term Schedule

Mid-Term Break

Term 1

02. 01. 2024 - 22. 01. 2024

29. 01. 2024 - 25. 05. 2024

25. 03. 2024 - 06. 04. 2024

Term 2

17. 06. 2024 - 08. 07. 2024

15. 07. 2024 - 11. 11. 2024

09. 09. 2024 - 21. 09. 2024

FEE: Free(Offered online & in classroom * Limited seats available, first come first served)

HOW TO APPLY? Online Registration Only
*Note: Number of classes registered strictly limited to one per person / Any applications received during a non-registration period will not be valid

TEXTBOOK: Sejong Korean 1A~3A (Free e-book access: HERE)
Hard copy textbook can be purchased at the Korean Cultural Centre AU only. Postage / delivery not available.
E-book is not downloadable due to Copyright laws. You can only view the online e-book.

  1. Online courses (Zoom, 1.5 hours)
  • Sejong Korean 1A-1/1A-2: Introductory 1 & 2 (Level test result 1A)
  • Sejong Korean 1B-1/1B-2: Beginner 1 & 2 (Level test result 1B)
  • Sejong Korean 2A-1/2A-2: Upper-beginner 1 & 2 (Level test result 2A)
  • Sejong Korean 2B-1/2B-2: Pre-Intermediate 1 & 2 (Level test result 2B)
  • Sejong Korean 3A: Intermediate 1 (Level test result 3A)
  1. Offline courses (at KCC, 2 hours)
  • Sejong Korean 1A-1/1A-2: Introductory 1 & 2 (Level test 1A)
  • Sejong Korean 1B-1/1B-2: Beginner 1&2 (Level test 1B/1B)

*Courses with ‘-1’ will cover the first half of the textbook and the courses will ‘-2’ will cover the second half of the textbook. If you are an absolute beginner with no background in Hangeul, please apply to ‘Sejong Korean 1A-1’.

Not sure of your level? Level test available here

*Class schedule vary for each term, so please check the updated information before the application period.


1. I am not sure of my level, how do I know which level to enroll in?
Please try the level test to determine your level. You will be able to get an evaluation result immediately so you can place into the appropriate level. You can also access the e-book to check the content you will be learning. We require that you register for only ONE level. Please DO NOT register for more than one level each semester.

2. Do I need to take the level test in order to enroll in courses?
No. Taking the level test is not compulsory. If you are certain of your level, you do not need to take the level test. However, if you are unsure of your level we do suggest you to take the level test.

3. Should I register for more than one course if I am not sure which class to take?
No. Please do not register for more than one class per semester, as it will create duplicate entries in our system and you will take space away from other students. Please note that any duplicate entries will not be valid.

4. I am an existing student, do I need to register again/every semester?
Yes, we ask all students to register for every semester. Previous registrations are not valid for once the term is over.

5. Can I reapply to the course I have taken before?
Absolutely. You are more than welcome to reapply so that you are prepared for the next level.

6. Can I transfer/change course during the term?
Unfortunately, no. Each class has waitlisted students who have applied specifically for that class. This ensures fairness in the allocation of class seats.

7. I will be missing out on few classes; can I receive a recorded video or attend subtitute class?
No. We do not provide recorded videos or allow substitute classes due to privacy reasons. All classes will run in real time only.

8. Is there a minimum attendance policy?
Yes, attending all classes is expected, but the minimum attendance requirement is 50%. Please always inform your teacher, if you have an emergency preventing you from attending each class.

9. Can I get a certificate to show I’ve taken the course?
Certificate of completion are only issued to students whose attendance rate is 75% or higher.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via; 02 8267 3400/