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Presented in partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria

TIME & DATE: 18:00 – 19:00 (AEST), 20 MAY (Thurs)

VENUE: Korean Cultural Centre (255 Elizabeth St. Sydney)

BOOK OF THE MONTH: Elizabeth Keith, Old Korea (엘리자베스키스의 올드코리아)

SYNOPSIS: The original edition of ‘Old Korea’ first came out in 1946, and the first Korean-language edition translated by Song Young-dal, professor emeritus at the University of East Carolina, was published in 2006. He also worked to reissue the latest supplemented Korean version. ‘Old Korea’ gave Western readers a look at Korea’s culture and customs during the peninsula’s colonial period under Japan, with vivid water painting illustrations by Keith.

GUESTS: The senior curator of Asian art at the NGV Wayne Crothers and the President of the Asian Arts Society of Australia (TAASA) Jackie Menzies.

FEE: Free admission, bookings essential. Click the ‘Apply’ button below

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Wayne Crothers is a Curator of Asian Art at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) since 2009 and was appointed Senior Curator of Asian Art in 2017. He has a degree in Art and Design from Victoria College, Australia (1982), an MA in Printing from Tama Arts University, Tokyo (1996). He has had experience as a curator, educator and practicing artist in Asia and Australia for over 30 years.

Jackie Menzies is a president of the Asian Arts Society of Australia (TAASA) and also an Emeritus Curator of Asian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. She has been responsible for many significant Asian exhibitions and catalogues. ‘The Asian Collections’ (2003), which she edited, was awarded ‘Best Book of the Year 2003’ by the Power Institute and the Association of Art Historians of Australia and New Zealand.