Attention all K-Pop cover dance enthusiasts in Australia! The Korean Cultural Centre AU is excited to announce our upcoming online K-Pop cover dance flash mob event. This is a wonderful opportunity for all K-Pop fans to come together and show off their dance moves to the catchy beats of ‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans.

Whether you are an experienced dancer or just starting out, we invite you to join us and be a part of this exciting project. Not only will you get to showcase your talents, but you will also have the chance to connect with other K-Pop fans and make new friends.

Our goal is to support and celebrate the vibrant K-Pop cover dance community in Australia. We want to give everyone a chance to shine and show off their passion for K-Pop through dance.

SONG: Hype Boy by NewJeans

– Online Submission by 12 MAR
– Flash mob video released by 3 APR

– Film yourself dancing to ‘Hype Boy’ by NewJeans (full routine or any part you can dance and any length of videos are accepted).
– Please send your video footage in mp4 format (in high quality resolution) to k.lee@koreanculture.org.au by 12 MAR.
– Your performance video will be edited with other videos from all participants and posted on KCCAU Youtube channel. Please click HERE to check the example from the last project.

* Your video will be re-edited with other video clips and posted on the KCCAU’s official Youtube channel. Please be aware of this video won’t be taken by any requests after it’s uploaded.
** Please write your or your team name properly so we can write it down on the credit list at the end of the final version video clip.

For more information please contact via; k.lee@koreanculture.org.au