Join us online for another round of the hansik cooking live show! Due to the popularity of our recent hansik mealkit event, we have planned another live cooking show with TV chef Heather Jeong to demonstrate more diverse Korean food. This time, Heather will be joined by some of the mealkit participants as well as K-food enthusiasts, so make sure to tune in and cook along with us!

DATE & TIME: 6pm, 23 & 28 March 6pm (AEDT), 2022


Online Hansik live show presented by Heather Jeong accompanied with K-food enthusiasts Dianne & Evie (mum & daughter), demonstrating how to make ‘tteokbokki’, one of Korea’s most loved street foods. For those hungry viewers at dinner time, this will be one mouth-watering experience as Dianne & Evie will tell you everything about how it tastes!

Online Hansik live show presented by Heather Jeong accompanied with Barbara of BTS Army Australia, demonstrating how to make one of many K-food lovers’ all time favourite, ‘dakgalbi’. And guess what?! BTS loves it, too! What about ‘dakgalbi’ for a Monday evening feast?

ENQUIRIES: 02 8267 3477 or

* The demonstration will be with meal kits, but it is not necessary to have one and anyone can join and enjoy learning Korean foods. While live class is going on, leave your questions on the comment during the live session and they will be answered.

** The meal kits and recipe video were developed and created by the ‘Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ and ‘the Korean Food Promotion Institute’.