Sarangbang Talk

The Korean Cultural Centre launches ‘Sarangbang Talk’ a new talk show featuring Australians who speak fluent Korean! Let’s hear what they have to say about our language and culture!Sarangbang Talk S2 E5

As you know ‘Chimek (Korean Fried Chicken and Beer) is one of the most popular food between people in the world. However, Korea has more variety dishes with chickens. Sarangbang Talk members are trying one of them called ‘Dakbal’. Let’s find out what ‘Dakbal’ is.Sarangbang Talk S2 E4

Have you tried a ‘Unique Korean Food’ before? What do you think a unique Korean food is? No matter what you imagine, it would be more than that. Let’s have a look at our Sarangbang Talk members trying it.Sarangbang Talk S2 E3

Have you heard of ‘Mukbang’? It’s a trendy media content in South Korea. Our Sarangbang Talk members are talking about Mukbang and trying some Korean authentic dishes.Sarangbang Talk S2 E2

Have you ever tried these Korean foods before? Watch to see how the Sarangbang members react!Sarangbang Talk S2 E1

Finally, Sarangbang Talk Season 2 starts. Let’s hear how they have been!Sarangbang Talk Special Edition

It’s a quiz time about Korean Language. Are you ready?Sarangbang Talk Episode 4Do you think Korea has lots of unique cultures? If you think so, you can check how many of Sarangbang Talk members are actually thinking like you. If you have no idea, you are going to find them out and surprised by them.Srangbang Talk Episode 3

Sarangbang Talk pt.3 is here! Brush up on your colloquil skills as our gang talk Korean & Aussie slang as well as take part in a challenging quiz. How many can you answer correctly? Tune in to find out!Srangbang Talk Episode 2Our Sarangbang team returns for episode 2 packed with laughs as they play the pronunciation game and talk about the various regional Korean dialect.Srangbang Talk Episode 1Saranbang Talk Episode 1 is introducing each members in the show and talking about how they started learning Korean.