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We are celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Korea- Australia’s diplomatic relations through performances from Korea’s well-known artists LEENALCHI and National Orchestra of Korea.

The special 2 day live screening welcomes everyone to come and enjoy these exciting and engaging performances. Come and dive into our Korean Culture through these breath-taking performances and celebrate with us as we commemorate the 60th Anniversary for Korea and Australia.

These two performances will be held on two different days in October via KCC YouTube and Facebook channels.

FIRST PERFORMANCE: Sam-Sam-O-Rak 2 by National Orchestra of Korea, 7PM (AEDT) 14th October 2021

<About Sam-Sam-O-Rak 2>
National Orchestra of Korea made a multi collaboration music project with artist of different genres. It started in 2020, Sam-Sam-O-Rak series show a variety of Korean instrument sounds with diverse music style. It is a series of music presenting small units, and you can experience and indulge the charm of each instrument. This music clip series project was started to cheer up all the artists who have lost the stage because of COVID 19.

<Performance Background>
Each performance of Sam-Sam-O-Rak 2 has a deep background story which is presented through Korean traditional instruments, as well as Korean genres which are mixed with contemporary instruments and western genres. They are perfectly harmonised together to make a beautiful music piece that allows the listeners to dive in and reminisce the stories Sam-Sam-O-Rak 2 are presenting through each performance.

<Line up of Performances>

  • Breath & The ferryboat and the traveler
  • Arirang Five
  • A wish from the east
  • Relation

Sam-Sam-O-Rak series have been produced as part of National Theatre of Korea (NTOK)’s ‘Beside You NTOK project’.

SECOND PERFORMANCE: Sugungga by LEENALCHI, 7PM (AEDT) 21st October 2021

LEENALCHI is an alternative pop band that comprises four traditional vocalists, who deliver musical storytelling through solos, choruses, rap and dance. The band also features a drummer and two bassists. The story’s background beats and bass draw inspiration from the 80’s new wave while the performers build excitement by destroying and re-arranging traditional elements. Pansori is a Korean musical narrative type in which a singer and drummer perform together. It’s a type of traditional Korean music that incorporates body movements and singing while being accompanied by buk by gosu.
LEENALCHI is featured in a promotional campaign for ‘Imagine your Korea’ ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea: SEOUL’ which has up to 47 million views on YouTube and are now well known and loved by many all over the world.

<Performance Background>
The performance has six pieces from LEENALCHI’s first album . Three of them are about what happens under the sea and the other three, about what happens on land. It also offers images of different animals and plants you see as you move from the deep sea to the land.

<Line up of performance>

  • Ultimate Prescription
  • A Fish Map
  • Crying Softshell Turtle
  • You Know Who I Am?
  • Please Don’t Go
  • Tiger is Coming

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