Performing Arts


On July 7th, 2022 (Thursday), The Korean Cultural Centre AU will hold a live screening of the play Treasure Island from Seoul Arts Centre at the Palace Central Cinemas.

Seoul Arts Centre was established in 1988 as the first art and culture complex in South Korea, presenting a diverse range of domestic and international performances over 30 years, and is the leading organisation in the Korean performance art world.

*Wear your pirate outfit, or your special outfit and watch the play with us! We will also provide pirate themed goodie bags.

*The play’s screening has English subtitles and is appropriate for all ages.


VENEU: Palace Central Cinemas (Cinema 5) *28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008

TIME & DATE: 15:00, 7 JULY 2022 (105 mins)

ABOUT SAC ON SCREEN: The Seoul Arts Centre SAC on SCREEN is a project that allows you to see and enjoy the art content selected by the Seoul Arts Centre on a large screen. Transcending the limitations of time and distance, we visit you with vivid expressions and gestures of the performance.

SYNOPSIS OF TREASURE ISLAND: Jim Hawkins runs an inn with his family. One day, an old captain visits the inn run by Jim’s family. Shortly after, the captain dies of a mysterious death, and Jim finds a treasure map in his leftover suitcase. Jim recruits an expedition together with Doctor Livge and Landlord Trelloni, on an adventure to Treasure Island. While the exciting journey continues with the invincible leader, Jim accidentally overhears the plot of John Silver Crew to take over all the treasure…


RSVP: If you are coming to the screening, please fill out this form by the 4th of July!