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1. Lecture – 16:00~17:00, 19 JAN 2024

– Korean Traditional Music- It’s Profound Aesthetic World:
Currently, Korean traditional music can be divided into three genres according to its characteristics: court music, literary music, and folk music. These three genres of music boast flexible, beautiful curves and musical dots in common. At the same time, it is distinguished by a world of musical aesthetics of calmness, moderation, and dynamism.

– About the speaker

Professor SHEEN Dae-Cheol

– Graduated from National High School of Gugak (Korean Music)
– BA from College of Music, Seoul National University (SNU)
– MA from College of Music, SNU
– Ph.D. from Academy of Korean Studies (AKS)
– Former Researcher at Institute for Cultural Development, Arts Council Korea
– Former Professor at Music Department, Kangnung National University
– Former President of Korean Musicological Society

2. Workshop 1 – 13:00~14:00, 20 JAN 2024

– Korean Folksongs:
In this Korean Folksongs Workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful melodies of Korea’s rich cultural heritage. Immerse yourself in a vibrant exploration of timeless tunes that have echoed through generations, telling stories of love, resilience, and the beauty of everyday life. Led by Joo Eun LEE of the National Gugak Centre in South Korea, this workshop invites participants to discover the intricate rhythms and soul-stirring lyrics that define Korean folksongs. Please join us on a musical journey that transcends borders and connects hearts through the enchanting sounds of Korea’s folk traditions.

– About the instructor

Joo Eun LEE

Pansori singer and Senior Instructor, Folk Music Orchestra at the National Gugak Center completed Ph.D of Music, Seoul National University Winner of the Presidential Award at the 31st Namwon Chunhyang Festival (Pansori) Certified trainee, National Intangible Cultural Property No., 5 Pansori “Chunhyangga”

3. Workshop 2 – 14:00~15:00, 20 JAN 2024

– Korean Drumming (Janggu):
Step into the rhythmic world of Korean percussion with our janggu Workshop. This engaging experience invites participants to explore the artistry of the drumming of janggu, a traditional double-headed hourglass shaped drum central to Korea’s musical traditions. Led by skilled percussionist Su Bok SEO form the National Gugak Centre of South Korea, this workshop provides a hands-on opportunity to master the techniques of this iconic instrument, known for its dynamic beats and cultural significance. You are invited to join us in celebrating the mesmerizing beats and cultural resonance of the janggu. Discover the heartbeat of Korea through this engaging and rhythmic workshop.

* Due to the limited number of instruments available, this workshop can only offer max 28 participants. (ALL AGES AVAILABLE)

– About the instructor

Su Bok SEO

– Percussionist, Contemporary Music Orchestra at the National Gugak Center
– Certified trainee, State-designated Intangible Cultural Heritage “Pansori Accompaniment”
– Adjunct Professor at Korean Music Department, Hanyang University Lecturer at Korean Music Department, Seoul National University
– Representative of Korean traditional music society “Jeongeumhoe” Lecture Performance

4. Lecture and Demonstration – 15:00~16:00, 20 JAN 2024

– Knowing Korean Traditional Music:
Welcome to “Knowing Korean Traditional Music,” an enlightening Lecture Performance that delves into the heart of Korea’s rich musical traditions. Join us on a captivating journey as talented performers intertwine insightful discourse with live demonstrations, unlocking the secrets of traditional Korean rhythms and melodies. From the haunting beauty of pansori (narrative singing) and daegeum (larage transverse flute) to the intricate elegance of geomungo (a long plucked zither) and janggu (traditional double- headed hourglass), this event offers a unique window into the soul and heart of Korea’s musical legacy.

– Registration: https://forms.gle/uRnsnZ8cX2bmeLFK8


FEE: Free admission. Registrations is essential.

CONTACT: jenny.c@koreanculture.org.au

Co presented by KCC and IAC of Western Sydney University

Supported by the AKS and the National Gugak Centre